A home is only as good as its foundation.

Texas building codes make sure your new home can stand the test of time, but Central Texas' clay soil presents a unique problem for homeowners. Clay expands when it becomes saturated with water and contracts as it dries; which can, in time, shift the entire foundation of a house; moving, tilting, and even cracking the foundation. Foundation shifts can cause doors and windows to bind or jam shut and, if left unattended for too long, may require costly repairs before it can be sold.

Jeff Tucker has been involved in structural

engineering design, inspection and repair of houses and apartments since 1966. Jeff is uniquely qualified to perform structural analyses of wood frame structures and slab foundations; to inspect and offer assurance of structural integrity or offer repair recommendations and details.

If a structural problem is discovered before it causes serious damage repair can be as simple as adding gutters to the home or rerouting drainage through the property. Call us now and schedule a structural inspection.

A strong, level foundation is required for a house to stand.

Let us ensure your biggest investment is structurally sound!